Happy Skinz offers visitors an accessible and effective way to apply sunscreen spray, making them more likely to protect themselves against sunburn.

We strive to raise awareness of the necessity of protecting yourself against damage caused by direct sunlight. This way we hope to reduce the amount of new cases of rapid skin aging and skin cancer. Happy Skinz will be an integral part of the lineup on festivals, events, beaches and other locations where large groups of people come together in the open air.


Staying safe in the sun

More than 30% of Dutch people say they have been burned by the sun at least once in the past year. 90% of the population ages 18 and up knows that irresponsible sunbathing increases the risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer is most often caused by too much exposure to UV rays. The amount of cases on skin cancer is growing at a worrying pace.

The amount of sunshine hours has seen a strong increase over the last few years. According to calculations, within the next 10 years, 1 out of 4 Dutch people will be confronted with skin cancer. It is estimated that the incidence of skin cancer can be decreased by more than 90% if properly protected against sunburn. (KWF, Dutch Cancer Society, 2015)

Facilitating a quick and easy way to apply sunscreen spray will ensure that people will more easily take the steps to properly protect themselves against permanent damage caused by sunburn.

Safe in the Sun with HAPPY SKINZ

Happy Skinz with increased UVA and UVB protection. Maximal protection against the sun, damaging UV rays and aging skin.
Happy Skinz sunscreen is easy on the skin, has a mild odor, is quickly absorbed and is water resistant.
SPF30 is well suited for all temperatures and skin types. Protects everywhere and all the time.
Happy Skinz sunscreen is environmentally conscious. It contains no microplastics or other harmful components.



Vandaag is de bestelling van #Streetwise geleverd in #Amsterdam. Leuk om te zien hoe enthousiast deze werd ontvangen! Vanaf aanstaande zondag worden de spraysytemen van @HappySkinz ingezet voor de #Insmeerbar van @kwf_nl. #enjoythesunresponsibly